This 15ppm Bilge Alarm meets the requirements of IMO Resolution MEPC. 107(49). Type-Approval Certificate in according with IMO Resolution MEPC. 107(49) therefore this satisfy international convention.
This 15ppm Bilge Alarm Monitor serves to continuously measure the concentration of oil in the bilge and other waste water produced on a ship, and produces an alarm signal when the oil concentration exceeds 15ppm.

The 15ppm Bilge Alarm should not be affected by emulsions and/or the type of oil and the response time must not exceed 5 seconds. The system must record date, time and alarm status, and also the operating status of the 15ppm Bilge Separator. The recording device must also store data for a minimum period of eighteen months and should be able to display or print a protocol for official inspections and should be so constructed that the alarm is always activated whenever clean water is used for cleaning or zeroing purposes

Models: BilgMon 488

Product Description

15 PPM Monitor Main Components:

  • Master Unit
  • Measuring Cell
  • Fresh Water Flushing Assy.

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